Friday, 22 July 2011

Blazering it Up**

I have fallen in love with these Blazers .... Mos def the ones to have **Statement piece for the month.
They look HOT paired with nearly everything from macro short to skinnes and maxis.

Monday, 4 July 2011

Change is the best!

I have never been someone to stick to one specific thing for too long.Soooo tired of Winter .... Decided to take An enormous step to Spring.Don't care what the weather berea is saying;I'm just sick of it!So n hint ....If you want something bad enough... take all steps in working towards it.

These are one of my last images done unprofessionally.Getting a professional photographer from DiFoto images to join the team.It's just getting AWESOME*********
Keep Rocking.


One of my  favorite shades for July is Tan and Brown and since I'm not in sunny Durban that is totally cceptable ....... Well even if I was was Colour is what you make it ...just like LIFE.  Aldo had an AWESOME sale last weekend.I just couldnt help myself I had to get a couple investment

                     Check out my passions                     for the month of July

Simply had to.....................

Leggings and my sizzling boots from Hilton Wiener and Jenni Jacket.Scarf from Woolies*